Covid-19 - Clube Vila Rosa


Due to the current situation both in our country and worldwide, Clube Vilarosa is getting ready to open its doors with all the necessary prevention and control measures in place to guarantee maximum safety and well-being of our guests, employees and partners.

It is therefore with great pride that Clube Vilarosa bears the Turismo de Portugal’s Clean & Safe Seal.

Anyone who has visited us knows that cleaning and hygiene, from accommodation units to catering, has always been one of our top priorities, as recognised by the HACCP (Hygiene and Food Safety) Certificate. With this concern always in mind, but also keeping the focus on the primary objective of ensuring that our guests make the most of their stay, we follow the guidelines of the DGS – Directorate-General for Health, World Health Organisation and the Clean & Safe Seal by Turismo de Portugal to adjust our procedures and facilities to the current reality and its demands.

To follow you will find a summary of the general and specific measures defined and implemented; a summary of our commitment to you!

General Measures

We are committed to maintaining the usual level of friendliness, quality and professionalism while complying and enforcing all necessary measures for the safety of our employees, guests and partners.

We have developed our Internal Protocol and Contingency Plan regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have enough personal protection equipment for employees and guests.

We have stock of suitable cleaning materials in accordance with our hygiene plan.

We have created specific signage in order to facilitate circulation in the newly defined circulation circuits.

We have a specific place to isolate people COVID-19 confirmed and suspected cases, with all the conditions required for this purpose and with the proper decontamination plan for situations of suspected or positive cases.

We always have an employee responsible for triggering procedures in case of suspected infection.


All our employees use the personal protective equipment necessary for each activity during service, namely a protective mask, and comply with the standards of social distance, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, having received specific training for this purpose, namely on:

Internal Protocol on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic;
How to comply with basic infection prevention and control measures in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, namely on hand hygiene procedures, respiratory etiquette and social conduct;

How to comply with daily self-monitoring to assess fever, check for cough or difficulty breathing;

How to comply with the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health for cleaning surfaces and treating clothes.

All internal procedures have been reviewed and adapted to the new reality of virus prevention and control.


  • We count on all our guests to make the most of their stay, respecting and complying with the rules of social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • We provide the following information at strategic points:
  • How to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak;
  • Internal protocol concerning the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic (reception).
  • Use of a protective mask inside enclosed public facilities.
  • At Check in, the temperature will be measured.
  • Mask kits will also be available for purchase.
  • Reception

    Control and disinfection procedure at the hotel entrance.

    The counter has been reorganised in order to be able to comply with social distancing, both between guests and between guests and employees.

    Implementation of the online Check-in service to reduce the time of face-to-face Check-in.

    Check out time is until 11:00 am and Check in time is from 4:00 pm in order to be operationally possible to guarantee that the new cleaning procedures are carried out safely.

    Accommodation Units

    • Cleaning procedures have been reorganised and adapted to new needs.
    • Specific care for changing bedding and cleaning, favouring two spaced intervention times and with adequate protection according to the Internal Protocol.
    • Appropriate and specific procedures for washing bed linen and towels.
    • The guest has the possibility to choose whether or not they want their accommodation unit to be cleaned daily.
    • Bed linen and towels will be available to be delivered to the guest along with specific bags for placing used clothes, in case the guest wishes to personally replace them so as not to have staff accessing the accommodation unit during the stay.
    • All physical information documents have been removed from the accommodation units and will be accessible at reception in digital format.

    General Public Areas

    • Washing and disinfection of surfaces where employees and guests circulate in accordance with the Internal Protocol and the Hygienisation Plan.
    • Greater frequency in cleaning common areas, surfaces and objects of common use (including counters, door handles, lift buttons, switches, pens, payment terminals, etc.) as defined in the Internal Protocol.
    • Renewal of air in rooms and enclosed spaces on a regular basis.
    • Alcohol gel solution dispensers available to guests in different areas of the premises.
    • Opening of all possible doors in public areas in order to reduce contact with handles/doors.
    • In sanitary facilities provision of equipment for washing hands with liquid soap and paper towels.
    • The living areas have been reorganised in order to maintain the necessary social distancing.


    • Disinfection performed as defined in the Internal Protocol.
    • Opening and closing times strictly adhered to in order to be able to properly sanitise the space.
    • Sunbeds reorganised in order to maintain a safety distance.
    • Control of the chlorine levels carried out, which will ensure the maintenance of the maximum levels allowed by law.
    • Disinfectant and disposable towels available to guests through the guard so that they can disinfect the sun loungers before use.

    Suppliers and Receipt of Goods

    • Merchandise suppliers do not access the interior of the hotel, being restricted to a defined place on the unloading bay and always using the necessary protective equipment, namely a mask and gloves.
    • The procedures for receiving and storing goods have been reorganised and adapted to the new reality. All communication with suppliers through non-face-to-face means is favoured. All our suppliers are subject to assessment and control within the scope of our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.


    Sanitation procedures have been reinforced and adapted to the new reality in accordance with the Internal Protocol and Hygienisation Plan.

    Guests and employees walk inside the restaurant with a protective mask.

    All seasonings and condiments are available in single-dose format and upon guest’s request, or will be served by a staff member.

    The buffets are protected and are served by an employee or plated in the kitchen.

    The arrangement of tables has been reorganised in order to maintain a safety distance.

    Whenever possible, the cups are disposable for single use.

    The tables are completely clean without any decorations on them and the cutlery is individually packed and delivered directly to the customer.

    In order to reduce the number of guests at the same time inside the restaurant, the service can be carried out in shifts at times to be defined with mandatory prior appointment.

    Whenever possible, payment will be made by credit card.

    The menus are accessible through the online platform by QR Code.

    Public Areas

    The multisport field can only be used simultaneously by guests staying in the same accommodation unit and subject to prior appointment.

    The Kids Club will be closed until further notice.

    The massage service will work adapted to the new safety rules and with mandatory prior appointment.


    The entertainment programme has been reviewed and adapted in order to maintain the necessary social distancing.

    Activities that include physical contact will not be performed.